Structure and Guidelines

Mission: The chapter’s mission is to help EFA members, in and around Ohio, to (1) network with each other and others in their industry; (2) gain practical knowledge and skills from speakers, training, and discussion; and (3) socialize and have fun.

Meetings: The chapter has four annual meetings, typically in January, April, July, and October. The first and third meetings of each year are online/virtual only. The second and fourth meetings are in-person, optionally with an online/virtual component for those who can’t attend in person. In-person meetings are held in various locations around the state, with the goal of making the meetings available to as many members as possible.


  • Coordinator – The chapter coordinator organizes and runs meetings, and any other events. The coordinator is also the chapter’s main point of contact for potential new members and EFA leadership.
  • Secretary – The chapter secretary takes meeting notes and distributes them to the chapter.
  • Treasurer – The treasurer tracks the chapter’s funds.

Elections: The coordinator, and any other chapter officers, are elected by chapter members at the second meeting of each year. Anyone wishing to be a candidate should submit his or her name to the current coordinator, according to the proposal guidelines below.

Proposals: Any member who has a proposal (e.g. an idea for an event, a change to chapter guidelines) should email the proposal to the coordinator at least 5 days before the next meeting. The coordinator will send the proposal to all members for review, at least 3 days before the meeting. At the meeting, members will discuss the proposal and vote on it.

Voting: Votes are conducted during meetings, and decided by a simple majority of chapter members. This includes members present for the vote, as well as members who send their votes to the coordinator beforehand (in case they can’t make the meeting). The coordinator abstains from voting, except to decide in case of a tie.

Attendees: Meetings are primarily for chapter members. Any member may invite up to two guests to a meeting. Other guests wishing to attend a meeting should let the coordinator know beforehand. Guests do not vote.